Senior Web Developer / Programmer / Administrator


Personal details
Name and surname: Grzegorz Szefka
Fixed address: London / Sutton 84-240 Reda; Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland
E-mail: uk  at  bisi  dot  com
Skype: kashub.webSkype
Up to date CV:
2014/06 - now Incisive Group / Spider Technical – London / Kingston, UK
Senior Web Developer
- web development (frontend and backend) in PHP5, OOP/MVC , Kohana, Slim, REST API's, XLS Data processing, Wordpress, Magento, ...
- frontends in [X]HTML[5], CSS[3], JavaScript, Jquery
- database design and optimization (mainly MySql),
- teamwork with GIT as SCM and Jira as bugtrakcer
- servers administration (LAMP), data migrations, automating staff tasks with cron jobs
- teaching team about GIT, OOP, MVC, PHP, servers administration, etc.
2011/09 - 2014/06 Wirtualna Polska S. A. (first Polish web portal) - Gdansk, Poland
Senior sofware engineer (PHP, JEE, Java, JS, jQuery, MySql, Oracle, XHTML, ...)
2009/01 - 2011-08 Wirtualna Polska S. A. - Gdansk, Poland
Software engineer (PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, MySql, Oracle, Java, JEE, ...)
2008/03 - 2009-01 Wirtualna Polska S. A. - Gdansk, Poland
Junior programmer (PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, MySql, Oracle, ...)
2007/10 - 2008/03 Globster - Puck, Poland (now AKA
Team Manager, PHP Programmer, SEO Expert
2006/11 - 2007/09 O.W.S. "Baltyk" (Polish Ministry of Finance) - J. Gora, Poland - IT, programmer
2006/02 - 2006/06 Institute of Compuer Science Technologies Advancement - Bydgoszcz, Poland
Web Developer (PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, JS)
2004/06 - 2006/03 Zentrum Sp. z o.o. - Bydgoszcz, Poland
Computer Scientist, Webmaster, Programmer, Cashier
2004/07 - 2004/12 MicroProject - Grudziadz, Poland - Trade representative
2004/06 - 2004/08 P.H.U. Argo - Gniezdzewo, Poland - Webmaster (student practice)
2005/04 - now Multi PC / Freelance - Bydgoszcz / Reda, Poland
Multiple projects (PHP, HTML, MVC, OOP, SEO, SVN, GIT, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ...) for various clients done on a freelance basis.
Servers administrator (Linux, Apache, Postfix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Bind, SVN, GIT, KVM, Haproxy, Solaris, ...) , Web Developer
2003/06 - 2003/07 PZU Insurance Agency - Gniezdzewo, Poland - IT Specialist (student practice)
2006/10 - 2008/06 Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland
Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics - Master of Science Eng. in IT
2002/10 - 2005/06 University of Economy, Bydgoszcz, Poland
IT Systems in Management - Bachelor Degree in IT with A degree
1998/09 - 2002/06 Stefan's Zeromski High School, Puck, Poland
polish native
english pre-intermediate
german elementary
Skills and competence
Linux, PHP, MySQL, MVC, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, CVS, SVN, GIT, Gitolite, SEO, Twitter Bootstrap, Apache, Postfix, Postgrey, DNS, Bind, Windows, Unix, Oracle, JAVA, JEE, Maven, Twig, JIRA, Crucible, Lucene, Maven, Slim, Idiorm, Code Igniter, Virsh, C++, ...
Music (house, vocal), photography

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